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How To Use Twitter For Traders

Twitter is used by many traders to stay on top of breaking news and connect with top influencers. It also helps to connect with other social-digital ecosystems. Kenah began using Twitter by accident after high school. He began collecting followers from friends, former colleagues, and other sources. Soon, he realized that accountability mattered more than the number of followers.

Among the top Twitter influencers are Donald Trump and other political leaders. However, not everyone has such power. In fact, even low-level employees and executives have a way of gaming the system. For example, tweeting negatively about a pending lawsuit can push the price of stocks lower. The key is to look for actionable information on Twitter to make a sound trading decision.

Zerohedge is one of the most popular Twitter sources for traders. This site posts news about the stock market worldwide and is a valuable source of breaking news. The site also posts insights and ideas on global financials. Traders and investors will find the news useful. One of the most effective ways to follow the news is by creating columns on Tweetdeck.

A recent study conducted by TD Ameritrade revealed that more than 80% of the social media chatter on Twitter is related to stock trades. This means that Twitter’s social features are already becoming an integral part of a trading strategy. However, the social media platform will need to work with outside technology developers in order to become a truly social trading platform.

In addition to the news feed, traders should also follow MarketWatch to keep up with trading trends. The company updates its Twitter community twice a day with stock market data and analysis. These updates are valuable to traders because they help them make informed decisions. As a result, you’ll be able to catch price action earlier. If you’re a day trader, a tweet with timely and relevant data may provide you with an edge.

Another way to stay on top of trading trends is to monitor market sentiment. By watching tweets on Twitter, you’ll know whether traders are feeling bullish or bearish on a particular stock. Tweets related to the stock market may signal opportunities for short-selling or trading based on volatility. By analyzing the sentiment of the Twitter community, you’ll also be able to determine whether a stock is a good investment or not.

Another way to stay on top of trading news is to follow people who have experience in the trading industry. This way, you’ll be sure to find a wealth of valuable information. For example, you might want to follow Peter Schiff, a popular economist and stockbroker. His tweets contain useful chart analysis, personal experiences, and insightful comments.

Twitter is an increasingly popular way to stay informed on current events in the financial markets. A day trader needs to keep up with market analysis news in order to buy stocks quickly. Twitter is the perfect place to connect with renowned stock market experts who are also on Twitter.